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Our Team, BIT Group, Billionaires In Training, Led By Bunmi Moore,
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Our Amazing Team Leader, Bunmi Moore

If You Have Any Questions Contact Your O2 Worldwide Sponsor

You Can Contact Bunmi at: bunmi@whyjoino2.com or 1-443-864-9440

You Can Contact Alonzo at: alonzo@whyjoino2.com or 1-618-772-5200

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Every Sunday Led by Bunmi at 8:00pm est, 7:00pm cst, 6:00pm mst, 5:00pm pst

Every Thursday Led by Bunmi at 8:00pm est, 7:00pm cst, 6:00pm mst, 5:00pm pst

Mon., Wed., and Fri. Led by Bunmi at 8:15am est, 7:15am cst, 6:15am mst, 5:15am pst

Conf. Call # is: 1-712-432-0900 and Access Code is: 125475 #

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